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Venner av Amerika
«Relations between our two countries have always been close. In 1814, the founding fathers of the new Norwegian state looked to America for inspiration, especially to the ideas embodied in your Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Our communities have evolved over the years, but the key values remain the same. Our firm belief in freedom, democracy and human rights reflects our political and historical kinship.» -- H.M. King Harald V¹ (Source)

Norwegian Friends of America

Norwegian Friends of America (VAA) was started as an ad-hoc campaign against increasing anti-american sentiments in the Norwegian public debate. We wish to support the good bi-lateral relationship between Norway and the USA by highlighting the political and historical kinship between our two nations.

- VAA is an ad-hoc campaign to promote the friendship between Norway and the USA
- The campaign is politically independent, but we encourage political parties to support us
- VAA monitors the public debate in Norway and does its best to expose and combat anti-americanism
- VAA highlights relevant articles and commentary from domestic as well as international sources

The text of our signatory campaign

Dear American friends,

I apologize for the anti-American statements which have come from some of my countrymen as of late.

I appreciate that your Founding Fathers inspired our own Constitutional Fathers at Eidsvoll in 1814.

I appreciate that you with open arms received Norwegian emigrants who wanted to create better lives for themselves.

I appreciate that you were our allies against nazism and fascism during World War II, and contributed to democracy in Japan and Germany.

I appreciate that you contributed to re-build our country after World War II, through the Marshall plan.

I appreciate that you took the threat from Communism seriously and contributed to increased freedom and stability among our neighbours in the East.

I appreciate that you helped us discover and develop oil fields in the North Sea.

I appreciate all the marvellous American creations within painted art, literature, music and movies.

I appreciate all the amazing American innovations within science, technology, medicine and business.

I appreciate that you lead the world in fighting Islamic terrorism and threatening dictators.

I'm proud of the friendship between Norway and the USA, and I hereby wish to contribute to its strengthening.



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